Openness, transparency and accountability in fulfilling the mission of the Catholic Church,

keeping Christ at the Centre,

Children at the Heart of all that we do

The vision of the Trust is consistent with the overarching aims of the Archdiocese of Liverpool Secondary School Improvement Trust, in being to: 

  • Demonstrate a clear educational vision, reflecting the needs of each school community, to enable all students to achieve their full potential in schools that are judged to be at least ‘good’ by Ofsted 

  • Promote distinctive Catholic values and a strong Catholic ethos in each school 

  • Ensure strong and effective governance arrangements 

  • Recruit, retain and develop successful leaders 

  • Provide strong challenge and support 

  • Monitor performance in partnership with the Archdiocesan Education Department and other partners, and ensure clear aspirational and challenging targets to secure improvement in performance 

  • Ensure all staff have access to appropriate high quality CPD 

  • Provide sound financial management and rigorously pursue value for money 

  • Ensure the provision of high quality legal and HR support and advice 

  • Provide a high level of expertise for facilities management, maintenance and capital work 

  • Ensure effective partnerships with the wider education community and other key stake holders in the community served by each school 



The key values and ethos of the Pope Francis Multi Academy Trust are the commitment to openness, transparency and accountability, in fulfilling the mission of the Catholic Church, keeping Christ at the Centre, Children at the Heart of all that we do. 


  • To ensure strong links between schools and their parish 

  • To ensure all schools are well prepared for the Diocesan Section 48 Inspection 

  • To enable schools to participate in the wider life of the Trust and the Archdiocese 

  • To provide opportunities for all students and staff to deepen and explore their faith 

  • To ensure that Religious Education is a high priority core subject in all schools 

  • To ensure Catholic Social Teaching is embedded in the curriculum and the life of the school, including our responsibilities for the environment and care for our common home 

  • To provide the opportunity for staff and students to encounter Christ in their daily lives in school, promoting the fullness of Christian life 

  • To ensure that students enjoy school and are happy, respectful & tolerant of others 


Teaching, Learning and Assessment 

To ensure that all our schools provide the very best teaching, in order to promote and provide high quality learning for all our students and ensuring that there is support in place for teachers to achieve this. 


  • To implement a CPD programme that ensures that all our staff have the skills to raise standards, deliver good teaching and learning and disseminate good practice to ensure rapid improvement 

  • To secure high quality teaching and learning 

  • To ensure every school has an appropriate, rich and broad curriculum 

  • To ensure that all vulnerable groups make at least good progress 

  • To use assessment proportionately to inform and progress children's learning 

  • To use the very latest in educational research to inform our practice 


School Improvement 

To establish a self-sustaining, system-led, collaborative approach to improvement that enables rapid improvement. 


  • To establish a self-sustaining, system-led collaborative approach to improvement that enables rapid improvement 

  • To develop school-to-school support for leadership 

  • To utilise the skills throughout the Archdiocese of Liverpool Secondary School Improvement Trust to address the identified needs in our schools 

  • To build effective links to outstanding providers outside of the Trust to support continuing school improvement 

  • To ensure all schools operate effective quality assurance and self-evaluation 

  • To ensure that all schools have effective development planning leading to improvement 

  • To enhance the Trust’s ability to develop the next generation of school leaders 

  • To engage proactively with support in all forms, and provide support for others when required 

  • To ensure all schools are well prepared for Ofsted inspections