Schools rely on strong governance to keep them running effectively, the Members, Directors and Governors of the Pope Francis Multi Academy Trust ensure that the schools are well led, managed and organised to bring about the best outcomes for the students in the schools.

Modern schools are run like businesses, and just like businesses, they need effective governance and strategic guidance from the top. Our Members, Directors and Governors are fully committed to making our schools the very best centres of Catholic education that they can be.

This is especially true with regards to school finances.

The Members, Directors, Local Governing Board members and school leaders scrutinise the value of every pound to ensure that the funding is spent effectively for the benefit of our students.

Nearly 80% of a schools budget is spent on its staff, so our boards ensure not only financial but also robust HR oversight, to get the best out of teachers and leadership teams in each of the schools.

Our Governors and Directors know their schools and so are able to challenge effectively.

The Executive Team of the Pope Francis Multi Academy Trust rely on the Board of Directors to hold them to account, our Headteachers rely on the Local Governing Body and the Executive Team to hold them to account; if no one is asking the difficult questions, things will go unchallenged, and standards can slip. Everyone in the leadership of our Trust knows and understands how each school is working and therefore ask the challenging questions of all who work in the schools.

Data is vital in making sure the right questions are asked. Our Directors and Governors scrutinise performance data, but they also look at other variables. While numbers give an indication of performance, they never give the full picture. Only through knowing our schools well and understanding them as a whole, can our Directors and Governors be sure they’re making the right decisions to raise standards and bring about school improvement where necessary.

Governance responsibilities at Member, Director and school levels are determined through the Scheme of Delegation. It’s not enough that each person in a position of leadership has clarity about their own role and knows what’s expected of them; they should also know about what decision making is happening at other levels throughout the Trust. Our detailed Scheme of Delegation ensures, that at all times, those that have responsibility in the Pope Francis Trust knows what is happening at every level in the Trust and in the schools.


Governance Structure At The Pope Francis Multi Academy Trust