The Pope Francis Multi Academy Trust has been established by the Archbishop of Liverpool to provide the very best Catholic education for the young people in our schools.


Members are the custodians of the governance of the Trust.

The first Members are the signatories to the Memorandum of Association when the Trust was set up.



The Directors are appointed by the Members and do not have a specified length of office.

The main responsibilities of the Directors are to:

  • Ensure clarity of the vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Hold the Executive Leaders to account for the educational performance of the schools and the students and the effective and efficient performance management of staff
  • Oversee the financial performance of the schools and making sure that its money is well spent

Directors are ultimately responsible and accountable for the Trust, they make sure the Trust is compliant with its charitable objectives, but also with company and charity law.

The Members and Directors provide strong governance at Trust Board level.

At school level, the Local Governing Body has responsibilty for school leadership.

The Local Governing Body members of the schools are appointed by the Directors.

The Directors may choose to appoint an Interim Executive Board when a school first joins the Trust, this is to ensure that school improvement is immediate and rapid.

The information about governance at school level is published on each individual school website.


The Trust is supported by the Archdiocese of Liverpool Secondary School Improvement Trust (ALSSIT). The members of ALSSIT and Officers from the Archdiocesan Department of Education will work with the schools in the Trust to assist with school improvement that will be rapid and sustained.

ALSSIT has been formed by the thirty five Secondary Schools and two 6th Form Colleges within the Archdiocese of Liverpool with a focus on school improvement, collaboration, school to school support and educational excellence through world class professional development. ALSSIT is the sponsor for the Trust and the network of schools and colleges will be used as the main support for school improvement.